The Brenna Wickham Haunted Mysteries Series

Even the quietest neighborhood can harbor dark secrets.


Brenna Wickham’s life is in turmoil after the death of her husband and the loss of her job. She moves in with her cousin who has inherited their grandmother’s old house, a place where Brenna used to spend happy summers visiting and playing with the children next door. Now she is confronted with the tragic news that the girl next door, Brenna’s childhood friend, disappeared twenty-five years ago without a trace. Despite an extensive search, the little girl was never found.


The missing girl’s agoraphobic older sister still lives next door and carries an appalling secret, and two doors down lives an aging ex-con with a grievous past. Brenna also becomes reacquainted with the girls’ handsome brother. She remembers him as a mischievous, fun-loving boy on whom she once had a crush. Now she finds that he’s grown sullen and ill-tempered, harboring deep resentments. And most alarming of all is the random appearance of the little girl’s ghost.

Kathleen Easley has written a slow-burning contemporary mystery using red herrings, psychological insights and clever twists. The intricate plot, nuanced relationships, and well-hewn characterization are among the book's major strengths. The dialogue is adept and Easley crafts up some adroit swivels of phrase. The catchy title is fitting as it provides an emotional hook and a hint of what readers should expect. The book ably delivers much more than it promises. Siblings and Secrets conveys satisfying appeal and a text sure to entertain readers at the turn of each page.  

—  Pacific Book Review

Readers will be amazed and shocked while following the twists and turns of the story.  This story is about reconciliation, love lost yet found again, misunderstanding, and revealing the truth.  If you want a great book to curl up with, look no further than Siblings and Secrets.

    —  Readers' Favorite

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